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Consulting Group Boston, LLC is pleased to introduce our services to your company. We represent international businesses here in Boston or elsewhere. We also provide consulting and advising services to various types of industries who are seeking opportunities in Boston and wish to establish their presence in the highly dynamic market.

Our philosophy allows us to provide the best services by selecting the exact expertise needed for each project. Lead your way to success with us, we’ll help you find the solution of your toughest problem you’re looking for. We measure ourselves by our client’s success.

Our staff is composed of more than 20 experienced and qualified professional consultants. They know how to create and inspire extraordinary performance. We can create meaningful change and truly make a different within your organization. We are currently developing new connections abroad with other companies by introducing our company.

We offer a wide range of services from Human Resources consultant, IT Services, Project Management, international Business Consultant, Field engineer Services, Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, Exhibit Trade Shows, Manufactures Sales Representative, Event Planner. We represent manufacturing companies worldwide also other industries as well here in Boston. We have a well-established record. Our services have always generated great customer satisfaction.

We want to thank you for your interest, please visit our website for more details regarding Consulting Group Boston, LLC. If you have any questions please complete the contact form on our website. We will make every effort to respond to you within one business day.


Kellie Lisbeth Louis
International Business Consultant.

Performance and Success

We engage with diversified projects

Our company specializes in training. We teach ultimate focus and how to achieve goals, motivation towards action.  Our training allows individuals within any business to develop the skills needed to grow their position and business. Even senior leaders will discover new ways to develop talent within your organization.  We have extended experience in developing and running strong financially sound business settings. Creating and maintaining structures that will allow you to master your field of business.
Our staff is composed of business experts. We service many fields of business expertise alongside our extended network of qualified consultants. Our philosophy allows us to provide the best services by selecting the exact expertise needed for each project. It is our goal to make sure our clients gain opportunities and become very successful doing business in Boston.

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